Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You came. You saw. You ate some ice cream

Yesterday's ice cream social was a rousing success, thanks to the enthusiastic attendance of 65 librarians from 23 libraries. Next time, I'll make sure to get less ice cream and more hot fudge - you are people after my own heart with your epic hot fudge consumption!

Our timeline generated a lot of interest, so I'll post it here:

The production servers are arriving and getting set up between now and the end of September.

We'll be profiling libraries throughout the fall, which we'll do by taking what we have in Horizon and translating it into Evergreenese. We'll be sending out questionnaires to clarify as needed.

Once we've got everyone profiled, we'll start entering rules and settings. We'll keep at that until we're done (it's quite the process).

We'll have the early training (the sneak peek training) from January until March, but the real training will take place in late April.

Go Live is slated for Memorial Day weekend, 2011!

We'll keep all of our members posted on all things Evergreen - keep asking questions!

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