Friday, September 17, 2010

Bibliomation Speaking Engagements

We're spreading the good news about Evergreen!

Here are a couple of speaking engagements Bibliomation staff are involved in:

PaLA - Pennsylvania Library Association Conference
October 25th - "Evergreen Open Source Library Systems - Coast to Coast"
I'll be speaking along with Jed Moffitt of KCLS, Elizabeth McKinney of Georgia PINES, and Jim Corridan of Evergreen Indiana. The conference is in Lancaster, PA. I've never been to Lancaster before and I hear that it's lovely so I'm really looking forward to this trip.

More information on the conference program can be found here.

ALA 2011 - New Orleans
Melissa Lefebvre, Bibliomation's Open Source Project Manager, will be speaking with Jenny Turner of PALS (Minnesota) and Shae Tetterton, Project Manager for Equinox, Inc., about their Evergreen migration project experiences. The title of their program is "Project Manager's Jambalaya: 1 part MLS, 1 part open source, and a whole lot more!" This program is being sponsored by LITA.

Come check us out!

Amy Terlaga, Assistant Director, User Services

Monday, September 13, 2010

Migration Preparations are Underway!

Our Evergreen servers have arrived! There are 18 servers in total, with enough power and room to handle our member libraries, plus room for growth!

We're just now working out the details of our migration plan. Melissa Lefebvre, our Open Source Project Manager, is sketching out our time line as I write this. We plan to bring our libraries up on a version of Evergreen 2.0, the release that King County is coming up on later this month. We'll start with our ten development partners - we will move them over to the new servers sometime in early 2011. Then we'll bring in the East Haven Public Library. We hope to have them up on Evergreen in early March. Then we'll focus all of our energies on migrating our 48 public libraries off of Horizon and onto Evergreen by Memorial Day weekend. After that, we'll move the Bridgeport Public Library and its branches over later next summer. Lastly, we'll make sure that our 19 K-12 schools are up on Evergreen in time for the new school year, September 2011.

Whew! That should keep us busy for the next year!

Amy Terlaga, Assistant Director, User Services
Bibliomation, Inc. / terlaga{at}biblio{dot}org