Sunday, January 30, 2011

Evergreen 2.0 is Out!

The long awaited release of Evergreen 2.0 is now out and available for all to download, install, configure, and have fun with.

Evergreen 2.0 brings with an extensive list of features, including some major functions such as Acquisitions. To see the list of features, click here.

King County Library System, in Washington state, drove much of the Evergreen 2.0 development effort. King County went live on Evergreen last September. Other sites, like the PINES System in Georgia, contributed significantly to the Acquisitions development.

Bibliomation will bring our Development Partner libraries up on Evergreen 2.0 in mid-February.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Evergreen System Preview for our Libraries

Kate Sheehan, Bibliomation's Open Source Implementation Coordinator, has been showing off the Evergreen system to our member libraries these past two weeks. Her demonstrations have been well received, as she has a talent for injecting a bit of humor into them. We're building momentum for our Memorial Day migration this May!

Many of our library partners brought their laptops with them to the demonstration; Kate walked them through the Evergreen client download and installation. These clients are now connected to our Evergreen test server so that staff can familiarize themselves with the software features such as how to search for a book, place a hold on an item, check that item out, etc.

Our libraries will be Evergreen experts in no time!