Saturday, February 20, 2010

SQL Training - Dan Scott Rocks the House

Well, we just completed two days of intensive SQL training with Dan Scott, and I have to write that it was all we were hoping for and more. Not only did Dan provide us with a comprehensive overview of the basics of writing SQL queries (as well as how to insert, delete, and modify in the Evergreen database), he also delivered to us the core set of library SQL reports we needed for our development partner libraries. Since two of these libraries are going live in March, this was very timely, indeed!

Oh, and for good measure, he also helped Melissa Lefebvre, our open source project manager, figure out how to customize each of our libraries' web catalog pages so that their specific library logo/image appears in the upper left hand corner of the web catalog display. Very cool!

Dan has contributed all of his course materials to the Evergreen community. You can find them here, as a link from his blog post about his two days with us.

Be sure to thank Dan for his efforts - dan{at}coffeecode{dot}net. This is a major contribution to Planet Evergreen!

Amy Terlaga
Assistant Director, User Services

Thursday, February 18, 2010

PLA Conference - Evergreen Community Happy Hour!

Come join your friends in the Evergreen community at next month’s PLA conference in Portland!

We’re planning to meet up at Deschutes Brewery for beer and conversation on Thursday, March 25th, at 5:30pm.

Here’s some more info on Deschutes:

Deschutes Brewery makes several good beers and has a new restaurant/bar. Just take the tram up to NW Everett St. stop and you're right there. 210 NW 11th Ave.

If you plan to come, please RSVP to me at terlaga{at}biblio{dot}org.

Hope to see you there!



Amy Terlaga

Assistant Director, User Services


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kids' Catalog Project Gets Underway

It's official - Bibliomation will be partnering with King County Library System (Washington state), the SITKA Libraries (British Columbia), and the PINES library network (Georgia Public Library Service) to develop the specifications for the very first Evergreen kids' catalog.

We will be collaborating with FGI, the Seattle-based web design firm that is also currently working with King County to develop a new interface for the Evergreen adult catalog.

Our first conference call should take place in the coming weeks. At that time we'll work on defining the business objectives of the project and identifying all areas of the project that need to be completed from a creative and technical standpoint. Then, we'll move on to the development of the project plan itself.

Once we have the project plan in place, we'll be looking for additional development partners. If your library system is interested in participating in this exciting and fun project, please drop me an email at terlagaATbiblioDOTorg.

Amy Terlaga
Assistant Director, User Services

Friday, February 5, 2010

True Confessions...

Our own Amy Terlaga was once an open-source-ILS-phobe. She tells the story of her journey from resistance to enthusiastic embrace in this month's Computers in Libraries magazine.

For our Connecticut readers, the article is available through iCONN.

Fear and trembling in Connecticut: (or 'how I learned to stop worrying and love open source') is a must-read!