Sunday, September 14, 2008

Darien Library's Social OPAC (SOPAC 2.0)

On September 1st, John Blyberg launched his social OPAC at the Darien Public Library. This revamped OPAC front-end includes a number of web 2.o features like:

  • user-added ratings, comments, and reviews
  • ability for libraries to add community repository data
This OPAC front-end software has been released as open source and should work with a number of ILSes out there.

To experience SOPAC 2.0, for yourself, go to:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chrome - Google's New Web Browser

In case you haven't heard, Google has developed their own web browser and it is open source.

It's in beta at the moment. To read about it, see the Google Blog post:


LibLime Scope of Work - Enhancements List

An update on our work with LibLime:

We received the summary of enhancements that the LibLime team identified during our two-day scope of work study with them. Bibliomation staff has gone through the document to clarify some of the functionality descriptions and to make sure that all needed enhancements were included in the document as well as those items that were more "wish list" items and wouldn't be needed on Day 1 of a cutover to Koha.

Next steps:
LibLime will refine this enhancements list and send us the refined document. Bibliomation staff will then need to prioritize the list and return to LibLime. LibLime will then cost out the work so that we can see the overall cost of sponsoring Koha development work with LibLime.

For a list of enhancements currently being suggested and considered for the next version of Koha, version 3.2, go to