Friday, August 10, 2012

Evergreen Enhancements - Our Wish List Items

Earlier this year, we surveyed our member libraries, asking them to submit their most desired wish list items for Evergreen development.  We collected these items and added them to IdeaTorrent, an open source idea submission and voting software solution.  Then we gave our libraries the month of May to vote for their favorite enhancement ideas.  Bibliomation's ILS Steering Committee then reviewed the top vote-getters and worked with Bibliomation headquarters staff to determine which suggestions could be done in house, which were already planned in an upcoming Evergreen release, which were not viable at all, and which ones would make the list of those requests submitted to developers for quote.

We've included a total of thirty enhancement requests, covering the following categories:  Acquisitions, Cataloging, Checkout/Checkin, Holds, Miscellaneous, Notices, Patrons, and Searching.  This Evergreen Enhancement Request for Development quote is being sent out to select developers with the deadline of Friday, September 14th.  Our enhancement development funds are not unlimited so we'll have to decide from that list which ones we can afford to include in this wave of development.

If you're curious to see our enhancement request list for development, you can view it here.

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