Friday, August 20, 2010

Let the coding begin!

It's now official - we have just signed off on the Equinox development quote for our Evergreen K-12 schools due date functionality.

This functionality will give all Evergreen academic and K-12 school libraries the ability to set end-of-semester due dates for their students. In addition it will provide the ability to set hard due dates for faculty.

ESI hopes to have development completed for us to test by the end of this calendar year. Bibliomation will have the Lebanon Schools live on Evergreen by the end of this month. If all goes well, the Lebanon Schools will be able to use this new functionality in June 2011.

Bibliomation has partnered with the following Evergreen sites on this development project:

Project Conifer (Ontario, Canada)
Sage Library System (Oregon)
Kirtland Community College (Michigan)
MassLNC (Massachusetts)

We'd like to publicly thank our development partners for their cooperation. We could not have moved forward with this project without them!

If you have any questions about this Evergreen development project, you can contact me at terlaga{at}biblio{dot}org.

Amy Terlaga
Assistant Director, User Services
Bibliomation, inc.

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