Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What’s coming down the pike?

The Development Partners are hard at work preparing for their conversion to Evergreen. For some, this means some serious time in the stacks – rebarcoding with the machine pictured here (or barcoding for the first time) is on their to do lists in addition to the usual weeding and record clean-up that goes with a migration.

Bibliomation staffers are profiling the development partners and getting Evergreen 1.6 installed. Evergreen 1.6 just became available and features a beta version of the acquisitions module slated for release in version 2.0 (due out in 2010).

In December and January, we’ll be working with Equinox to get the profiling data into our production server and start testing batches of records. As the winter progresses, we’ll be developing our training and documentation (and testing it out on the development partners).
Development partners will begin to go live in early March 2010! We’ll see Evergreen in action and be able to test developments for the rest of the consortium. Our open source migration is on its way!
Kate Sheehan
Open Source Implementation Coordinator


Mary Rindfleisch said...

I'm curious. Will we all be needing to re-barcode our entire collections, or is this some special deal just for the test sites?

Lynn said...

The re-barcodes are for those libraries that had non-standard barcodes which many stand-alone libraries have.

Bibliomation HQ Staff said...

Lynn is correct - you can breathe that sigh of relief! The rebarcoding is just for the development partners who don't have standard barcodes on their materials.