Thursday, November 5, 2009

BibliOak Project Timeline Established

Bibliomation staff had a really good open source meeting yesterday afternoon. Melissa Lefebvre, our Open Source Project Manager, presented the first draft of our BibliOak Development Partner migration timeline. The planned Go Live Date for the three automated development partner libraries is the first week of March 2010. We'll be plenty busy until that time. We've already met with Beacon Falls, Windham Free, and the Douglas Library, Hebron for our initial orientation meeting. We meet with the Slater Library, Griswold this Friday.

The Windham Free Library is a "virgin" (non-automated) library so they will have a barcoding project to begin soon. The other three libraries have non-standard item barcodes so we will be using the ITG Scan & Print system to generate 14-digit barcodes with unique library prefixes for each of them. The programming is almost completed on ITG's end for Beacon Falls, the first library to take on this task.

Melissa will be providing online demonstrations of the Evergreen staff client and web catalog for all four development partners the week of November 16th. Then we will be meeting with each library for all-day profiling sessions so that we can record their collection needs and circulation policies, to be programmed into their Evergreen server.

Nice to have a good plan in place!

Amy Terlaga
Assistant Director, User Services


TrevorG said...

Amy, I know I'm going to sound impatient, and I apologize for that, but I still have no sense of when or if libraries such as Ridgefield will have any input to the development. Or is that not the intention - will we just receive it "as is"? I was in a meeting not long ago where I heard the phrase that you were looking to replicate Horizon, and that gave me chills; I'm truly hoping you're aiming much higher than that. I just feel helpless and on the sidelines at this point.

Bibliomation HQ Staff said...

Hi Trevor --

The first set of enhancements will be based on what Bibliomation HQ staff have concluded MUST be there before we can go live with the system.

Don't worry, there will be a chance for Bibliomation libraries to contribute their suggestions for development later in the process. First things first.

Remember, we won't be migrating to this system until September 2011. Or earlier in 2011 if things go swimmingly, development-wise, in 2010. We still need to see the acquisitions and serials modules, code still being written by Equinox, the primary developers for Evergreen.


TrevorG said...

Thank you so much, Amy!


Lynn said...

Wow! This is so exciting. I can't wait to see these folks up an running because that is the first real step to having the rest of us up.