Monday, April 5, 2010

Bibliomation Requests to be IMLS Grant Partner

Earlier today I submitted our letter of application to become the first library to participate in the first wave of King County Library System's IMLS open source library system (OSLS) grant partners. The grant calls for King County to add three libraries per year for the next three years to their grant project. King County's initial library partners are The Peninsula Library System (San Mateo, California), the Orange County Library System (Orlando, Florida), and the Ann Arbor District Library (Michigan). The grant was awarded to King County last September 2009.

The following is an excerpt from Bibliomation's letter of application:

On behalf of Bibliomation, I respectfully request that you consider our consortium as a first wave partner of additional IMLS grant partners for the year 2010.

Bibliomation is a committed and active member of the Evergreen community. Some of our projects include:

• The contracting out of Dan Scott of Project Conifer to develop Evergreen-specific SQL training course materials. Dan spent two days training eight Bibliomation staff members to write Evergreen SQL queries. Bibliomation has worked with Dan to make these course materials available to all interested Evergreen libraries under the Creative Commons license.

• The development of a collaborative-based Evergreen kids' catalog. Bibliomation was able to find three other Evergreen sites to help develop the project plan and functional specifications for this major addition to the Evergreen ILS.

Bibliomation has also brought up two small CT public libraries on our first Evergreen system. We plan to add at least six more public libraries and one school system before we migrate our entire consortium (48 public libraries, 23 K-12 schools) in the summer of 2011.

I believe that we will be a strong asset to your IMLS grant project.

Amy Terlaga
Assistant Director, User Services
Bibliomation, Inc.

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