Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Evergreen v. Koha - Comparisons

I've been looking for posts comparing Evergreen to Koha and I'm not finding much. Some posts are old and no longer accurate. Very frustrating.

Here's one from an Evergreen user in the making:

and here is a basic comparison between the two by Josh Ferraro, from LibLime, who is very familiar with both systems, since LibLime at one time offered Evergreen hosting/support:

I'm sure that there are plenty more posts worth reading out there. If anyone has any good comparison articles or blogs or what not, please feel free to share!

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K.G. Schneider said...

Hi there -- I agree that there could be more information out there on Evergreen versus other products. It should be noted (with no criticism intended) that to the best of my knowledge, Liblime never signed any support contracts for Evergreen. Furthermore, the statement that "the deployment overhead is above the means of all but the biggest libraries" is contradicted by these facts: first, smaller libraries have deployed Evergreen, sometimes entirely on their own steam; second, Equinox Software (established by the original Evergreen team) offers hosting. Many librarians in Evergreen libraries will never need to see a line of Evergreen code.

Evergreen was designed in a large consortial environment, which means that it is designed around the special demands of very big systems, but it can be used all the way down to one-horse libraries. One user installed Evergreen for his home library.

Anyway, I sympathize with the request. You might try the Evergreen Project Wiki, which includes a features page and also tracks the additions to Evergreen in each release.

Karen G. Schneider
Equinox Community Librarian