Thursday, August 7, 2008

LibLime Scope of Work Study

On July 31st, the Bibliomation Board approved our going forward with a scope of work study with LibLime, the main support vendor for Koha.

This scope of work study will identify those areas of functionality still needed in the Koha system for Bibliomation libraries to maintain the level of functionality that they have now. Many of these areas we anticipate to be consortial-related.

LibLime staff will be spending two days at Bibliomation headquarters later this month (August 18th and 19th) so that we can discuss our workflow needs and how Koha fits in to this workflow. We've given LibLime access to our Koha test server and private wiki. We've been using the wiki to track our configuration work and findings regarding the Koha system.

Once we have the results of the study, we should know which modules and features would need development work and the costs associated with this work.

The results will be brought to the next Bibliomation Board meeting, scheduled for Thursday, September 25th.


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