Sunday, July 13, 2008

Koha Testing Continues...

For the past couple of weeks, Bibliomation staff has been learning what we can about the Koha ILS. As I've written before, we have been testing version 3.0, but what we learned from LibLime while at ALA has us convinced that we won't really be able to configure the system to our consortial needs until a future release, due out sometime this fall. This future release will have something called system groups which will allow us to create specific profiles for our libraries and schools, and cluster certain locations together. (Think school systems and libraries with branches here.) We also want to be able to have each library bring up their own catalog without forcing patrons to choose from a LONG list of 70+ library locations. Some of this functionality is being developed for the INCOLSA network in Indiana.

In the meantime, Mary has completed the Horizon-to-Koha MARC mapping table and she plans to take a look at Koha's various indexes as soon as Brendan has brought up our permanent test server. We are also going through the functional specifications we developed back in 2003-2004 for our last migration to see what needs to be added/changed/removed. We have picked up quite a bit of functionality over these past few years so all of that has to be added to our testing checklists! We are using a private, in-house wiki to keep track of our Koha testing progress and that is working out quite well to keep us all informed of each staff person's work.


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Nicole Engard said...

I'm currently working on the manual for Koha 3.0 and I wanted to point you to it to help you with your testing and so that you can possibly provide me with pointers on what to add based on your experiences.