Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bibliomation's ILS Steering Committee

At the June User Council meeting, Janet Woycik, chair of the Bibliomation Strategic Planning Committee, asked for volunteers to serve on the Bibliomation ILS Steering Committee.

The ILS Steering Committee will meet at specific times during our open source testing period so that we can discuss with them our progress and findings. We will be making a list of those open source ILS features that would require policy decisions and presenting these to the committee.

ILS Steering Committee Members:

  • Janet Woycik, CH Booth Library
  • Bernadette Baldino, Easton Public Library
  • Valerie Annis, Minor Memorial Library, Roxbury
  • Heather Morgan, Mark Twain Library
  • Lynn White, Terryville Public Library
  • Emmett McSweeney, Silas Bronson Library
  • Sue Phillips, Hall Memorial Library
  • Beth Lovallo, Woodbury Public Library
  • Jane Gallagher, Middlebury Public Library

We will also ask for volunteers to serve on our various taskforces, to be created later this summer.

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